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A hermit coming out of dark woods and hobbling back towards civilization, I entered the bookstore and purchased a hard-cover novel for the first time in years.  Like switching a setting on my phone, I green light Philip Roth's pounding and expansive prose, yes allowing it to access my brain - and yes - to displace all that I have mistakenly and wantonly placed there of late.

Havana bound! Rumbo a Cuba!

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For many years I've dreamt about Havana and today I finally get a chance to travel there.  Not as a tourist but as a presenter in la Fototeca de Cuba's Month of Photography.  I am thrilled to offer an Artist Talk and a Book Signing for YONKEROS.  

I remain grateful to the Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography at SVA for generously sponsoring my presentation.

"El Sistema" makes its debut in BAVIC 2014

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“El Sistema” is particularly interested in how the turbulent political life of Guatemala collides with the didactic project and impacts the country’s youth.  However, it is also a testament to the spiritual force of music and how its practice helps elevate humanity above its sometimes desperate condition, bringing hope and light to a broken-down society.

This work received its premiere in the 2014 edition of BAVIC the Bienal de Artes Visuales del Istmo Centroamericano (Guatemala) and will be on view until August 24.  The installation features four photographic prints and one multimedia piece, which you can see below.