Museum as Canvas (Part II)

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Thirty years ago I visited New York for the first time.  I was nineteen and felt the city was my future.  I came for ten days with a hundred bucks in my pocket, a brick of Tri-X film and wanderlust in the blood.


It was a memorable trip and among many firsts was a visit to the Met Museum, where David Hockney had a beautiful retrospective.


Two years later, I packed a bag and moved to New York. 


This week I returned to the Met to see the new Hockney exhibition.  And I made this photograph of a sweet old couple, lost together in the experience of art.


Time flies. Carpe diem!

Museum as Canvas

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Another blustery day in New York. 


My students and I sought refuge and inspiration at the Metropolitan Museum.  But before heading out, we spent some time studying and discussing the works of Elliott Erwitt, Matthew Pillsbury and Mitchell Hartman.


This is one of my favorite moments from our visit, at the Michelangelo exhibition, which by the way, is breathtaking -

Opening Night at El Museo del Barrio

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My latest project "The Street Becomes" gets its debut exhibition at El Museo del Barrio opening June 13th.

The project is a meditation on how the urban street is transformed in times of war and peace.

Twelve images from the series are featured in the exhibition "nasty women / bad hombres" curated by Rocío Aranda-Alvarado.

Would love to see you there!

Belonging and recognition

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Sometimes when I walk in Seoul, I feel like i'm suddenly inhabiting one of Hye-Ryoung Min's photographs.  The landscape turns intimate and I feel a sense of belonging and recognition slowly permeating my entire being.

The first photograph was taken yesterday in Seoul.  The second is from HRM's series "In-Between Double" (2009).





Pre-Opening YONKEROS at The Center for Photography Woodstock

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It's a rainy day in Woodstock and still a couple hours before people come in for the Opening.  The exhibition is impeccably hung.

Found some miniature Jack next door and the last of my good Cohibas from Havana in my jacket pocket.  All's good in the world and I'm just watching it go by from CPW's porch.