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Suwon International Photo Festival

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Set in Guatemala, a country utterly torn-apart by violence, El Sistema is a photographic document of symphonic youth orchestras and how the fellowship and discipline of learning classical music brings hope, self-esteem and the joy of culture to the lives of thousands of children who so desperately need it.

I am thrilled that a selection of 25 images from the project will be on view in Seoul, Korea as part of the Suwon International Photo Festival.

Museum as Canvas

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Another blustery day in New York. 


My students and I sought refuge and inspiration at the Metropolitan Museum.  But before heading out, we spent some time studying and discussing the works of Elliott Erwitt, Matthew Pillsbury and Mitchell Hartman.


This is one of my favorite moments from our visit, at the Michelangelo exhibition, which by the way, is breathtaking -

Opening Night at El Museo del Barrio

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My latest project "The Street Becomes" gets its debut exhibition at El Museo del Barrio opening June 13th.

The project is a meditation on how the urban street is transformed in times of war and peace.

Twelve images from the series are featured in the exhibition "nasty women / bad hombres" curated by Rocío Aranda-Alvarado.

Would love to see you there!

In the Archives

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There are millions upon millions of photographs in the vaults of the Smithsonian.  This week however, I'm expanding my search to the National Archives in Maryland.  Counterintuitive? Perhaps.  I mean, I could spend the next year researching and never leave DC!  But as an artist you gotta trust your instincts.  

One thing is for sure: my Fellowship at SI is as complex, fascinating and challenging as I hoped it would be.