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Day 2 / Private Workshop

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Day 2  /  Private Workshop


July 4th, who will save us?

Destination: Central Park, the great green heart of New York City.  Could the park - its meadows, boulders, lush trees and its flock of humanity - help us get a pulse on the mood of the city?

Celebration or lamentation?

Something in between?

What's in a little black box?

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What's in a little black box?

When I returned from Guatemala in mid-March, I had 5000+ new images on my hard drive. After seven weeks of daily editing (5AM to 9AM) I've pared down that number to just under 300 images.

Printed 4x6 inches, the stack fills the box to the brim.

My hope is that I will return from my Artist Residence at FotoVisura with a new edit of 100 shining photographs. Then, I can begin to lay out the book.

Testing the Nikon D800

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This week I borrowed an instructor D800 from New York Film Academy (where I teach) and did a bit of testing with it.  This shot was taken at f/2.8 using a Nikon 24-70mm zoom.  Normally I prefer to shoot with a prime lens, but we have yet to get some of those in our equipment cage.  Overall, I'm really happy with what I've seen: the files are incredibly sharp and I've had no issues with digital aberrations. I'm seriously considering upgrading from my current camera, the D700.