Introducing my 9 year old niece, Yael Sabbagh Permuth

Added on by Jaime Permuth.

My niece Yael and I spent Sunday morning looking at a book of photographs by Andre Kertesz and talking about their merits. In the afternoon we spent some time visiting and photographing a small fair in honor of the town's Patron Saint. The following day, Mario my father taught her how to download her images into a computer, format her memory card and charge her battery. I took over after that and showed her how to edit in Bridge. She then narrowed down her original 53 exposures to this selection of 11. We then spent several hours discussing individual images and doing basic adjustments in Photoshop. Through it all she was absolutely spell-bound...

Yael is nine years old and lives in Guatemala.  She is the fourth generation coming up in our family of photographers, a tradition that started in the 1920´s with my paternal grandmother Annie Listwa.

All photographs were taken by Yael on June 30th.