A sense of belonging to a different city, in a distant land

Added on by Jaime Permuth.

Six years ago, I had a solo exhibition for YONKEROS at the beautiful, zen-like Ryugaheon Gallery, only steps away from the old Imperial Palace of Seoul.  I was so honored to be invited by Guest Curator Joanne Junga Yang.  The show changed my relationship to the city and gave me a sense of belonging to it in a different way.


As part of the public programs, I was invited to give an Artist Talk.  I agreed but also imposed upon HRM to be my translator.  She graciously accepted.  My Mother-in-Law, who does not speak English, was in the audience that day. 

Every so often I glanced at her expression as HRM translated my words.  Looking at her, I felt as if finally, after years of knowing her, she was truly meeting me for the first time.